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Cannatique Weed For Sale 

Cannatique produces some of the most artisanal top-shelf cannabis in all of California. At City Compassionate Caregivers, you’ll find a wide selection of Cannatique flower and concentrates in fresh and funky flavors. Cannatique is all about the experience and creating a lifestyle around their brand. With their recent capsule line of the Red Rum strain, it came with a full merch selection as well.

You’ll find hand-trimmed, clean cannabis and highly potent concentrates at CCC from Cannatique that are worth writing home about. If you aren’t sure what Cannatique product is right for you, don’t worry, this handy guide has every cannasseur in mind. Check out these selections and stop by Cannabis Exotics Shop today to stock up on your favorite Cannatique products.


Cannatique is known for its exciting and innovative flower drops. Their Lemon Cherry Gelato has been on the top of several daily smokers’ lists for a few years. They not only cultivate their flowers, but they also source their flower for collaboration with other brands. On top of a booming distribution and production plan, they also produce ready-to-wear clothing based on their most popular products. Cannatique sets itself apart as a one-stop shop for all things craft cannabis. They’re known for producing some of the tastiest flavor profiles while unlocking unique, full-spectrum, and terpene-rich flower. Here are a few of our favorite flower recommendations you’ll find on our menu currently.